Thursday, 31 March 2011

Chapter fifteen Diary Entry:

Dear diary!
Today I got a memory of love. LOVE is a feeling … I can´t really describe it. It is something special and I have not felt it any time before.
But from beginning. The last day after the memory of the war the Giver gave me many good memories full of happiness and fun. I had never thought before that there are so many good memories.
This morning I asked the Giver for his favourite memory. Of course I didn´t want it but I was pry. He should describe it because I wanted to know how special the feelings could be.
But the Giver wanted to give me his memory, he answered he has many memoires like this. I was unsure but I lied down to get this memory. I was really surprised when I came to a room. Many people were in it, a whole “family”. The atmosphere was special too. It was warm, full of happiness and a little bit suspense and excitement too. A little boy presented his presents to the family members. I had the feeling that my family isn´t real. This family in this room in this atmosphere was something special. There were old people too. A man and a woman sitting on the couch. The old woman rocked the little boy and rubbed her cheek against his. This was a gesticulate … I have never seen it with this feelings. The Giver explained me that this old people were the “grandparents” of this boy. Grandparents were the parents of the parents of the little boy. The real parents and they didn´t live in a House of Old like in our community.
As I woke up the Giver asked about my feelings... at first I couldn´t describe. It was overwhelming. The Giver explained this feeling is “love”!!! After this it was a feeling of foolish which came to me. I don´t know why but I thought it was foolish to say love. But the Giver affirmed me that there was nothing foolish, I should only trust the memories and how they made me feel. From this time I wish we all have love. This feeling is so great and I think it is good to everybody to have this! But I understand too that it is dangerous to live like them. The fire and the candles all this a risks. This things are outlawed although they made such a warm light!
In the evening I asked my parents whether they love me. To my surprise they answered I should use more precise language. They were of the opinion love is not a real feeling. I had not understand them to this time and I had to lie because I felt love and it is a real, real feeling. Now I knew what is wrong with my thoughts: my parents hadn´t feel love any time. They couldn´t think that love is a real feeling because love is only a word to them. They didn´t know anything about this feeling and they can´t figure it. Before I went to bed I told Gabe about my plans. I was sure that the things can change. Gabe was the only one who know my memories, I had give him this if he can´t sleep. I let him to the lake and let him feel the sunshine. I thought it is right too show him this and now he could sleep! Because of this it couldn´t be wrong too. I think tomorrow I won´t take this pill. I think this love has something to do with the pill and so I try it without this pill. I am really interested what happens!
Good night...


  1. Hey Katharina. This is a very good text. You put a lot of work into this diary entry. Your description of the different feelings is good, too and I like that you tried to find out other feelings which are in the chapter, but not named. Your entry is very detailed and the reader is able to feel with Jonas. That you explained some things which were mentioned in the chapters before is nice, because people who don't have read the book will understand it nevertheless.
    Two little mistakes: the WHOLE family and before I went to BED ;)
    But all in all WELL DONE!

  2. Thank you very much for your nice comment and the corrections.

  3. Katharina,

    your touch upon many of the feelings Jonas is going through now knowing these memories. I find it amazing that you include his family and that Jonas writes in his diary about his feelings concerning his family unit. It must be really strange to him knowing that they do not actually feel a thing.
    Here's some feedback on language:
    - memories are countables, so it's MANY memories
    - (to) lie down is not reflexive - you don't need the "me" here.
    - As I woke up (past tense!)
    - I should use more precise language (precision is not a verb!)
    - To be OF the opinion that love is not a REAL feeling
    - Check the tenses in general. Some of them are in the present but should be in the past tense... since Jonas is writing about things that happened to him during the day (=in the past)